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Craig Lowy is Craig Lowy Design



Director of Stage & Screen. Motion Graphic and Print Designer. Writer. Educator. Lapsed ukulele player. Craig Lowy creates award winning videos and designs for television, film and the stage. For the bigger projects he works with some of the most talented people in New York City. And he also directs and edits documentaries.


The goal at Craig Lowy Design is to create beautiful looking stuff. Films and Designs that not only communicate clearly, but that have an elegance, an intelligence, and an off beat sense of humour. Whenever appropriate, that is.


Here at Craig Lowy Design, in the wildly beating heart of New York City, we're always asking questions.


Can design really make people’s lives better?

Can a film change the world?

Is the best design emotional or rational?

Will it be Thai, Korean or Italian food for lunch?

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